So there is something I've been wondering about... Why does square keep pushing ff13 so hard... It's one of their most disliked games, yet they keep trying to make more and more games. I know a lot people like it, but there is an equally huge group that dislikes it. I'm personally in the latter group.

So Wind Waker HD coming to the Wii U. Was shown this morning, and kotaku has nothing posted about it... Are they just ignoring it? Hell they even had an article a while back saying that Nintendo should do this... and now that it's happening nothing is posted.

So I've come to the conclusion that dark souls is a shitty game for one reason and one reason only. Invading other peoples worlds. It's completely stupid, serves no purpose other than to piss you off. I've been stuck at 1 area of the game now for about a week because of this stupid mechanic added to the game.


So after all this waiting for Hawken, i'm a bit disappointed by the entire thing... I hate that I have to pay money to customize my mech's look, I hate that people who bought the good mechs right away are topping games, and I hate how unbalanced the entire thing is.

So... Finally go around to playing Dishonored. Have to say I was a bit underwhelmed. It seemed like it took forever to get into some mediocre stealth, with some equally disappointing combat. I eventually go so bored with the stealth, I just threw caution to the wind and walked through pretty much everything.